This blog started out as solely focused on food. cooking and spirituality are incredibly co-mingled for me, and now I'm adding to the focus by making the blog more about my spiritual life in general. I hope the result is something readable!


A Glossary of Frequently-Used Terms

Liminal: briefly, the space between spaces.
Animism: the earliest form of religion in human culture, this approach holds that there are spirits in basically everything that exists.
Hard Polytheism: approach in which all deities are considered separate and distinct.
Soft Polytheism: approach in which all deities are considered aspects of one supreme deity. Or two.
Eclectic Paganism: drawing from a variety of cultures and sources. This, like many things, can be done very very badly.
Reconstructionism: Pagan traditions that attempt to recreate the religion of specific ancient cultures.

There are also some handy links and sundries at The Cauldron's Pagan Primer in case you want a better idea of  what the hell I'm talking about.

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