This blog started out as solely focused on food. cooking and spirituality are incredibly co-mingled for me, and now I'm adding to the focus by making the blog more about my spiritual life in general. I hope the result is something readable!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been craving miso soup lately. I have no idea where this came from, since I think I've had it maybe once before. what is that about. WHO KNOWS
Also, part of my not even new year's resolution, just a resolution, whatever, is to eat more damn vegetables. It is difficult to be mostly vegetarian when living with a vegetarian who does not like many vegetables. Being the cooking one in the house, it is my job to fix this problem.
So I've spent the last two days, I think, browsing 101 Cookbooks and looking at all these gorgeously-photographed dishes and tonight we made a grocery run to get things for an ACTUALLY INTERESTING SALAD.
like watercress and dandelion greens and spinach and kale interesting. with GOAT CHEESE.
All those things also go great in SOUPS which I am intensely in favor of because it is winter and in the next couple days we're going to get a snowdump again and that equals soup.
It also equals Girlfriend has developed a passion for homemade bread and we're making another loaf or two tomorrow. And fresh baked bread goes wonderfully with both salads AND soups.

And because Wegmans is an awesome chain of stores we picked up some organic white miso and tofu so it will be MISO SOUP TIME SUPER SOON OMG YOU GUYS.
we will be getting our green vegetables, for sure.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bone Soup!

Like Stone Soup, only with more carnage.
Girlfriend's mum did a chicken in the slow-cooker a month or so ago, and since she doesn't eat soup, I asked if I could have the remains of the bird with which to make DELICIOUS STOCK.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011, everyone. Does it feel like we're living in the future yet? do you still want your damn jetpack? Me too, friends, me too. But come next year I'll be laughing my ass off at the people who've misinterpreted the Mayan calendar and think that the world is going to end. I'll have to make a special "ha don't you feel silly" pie for the occasion. What do you think says that? Key Lime?

ANYWAY. If you, like I, slept in a whole heck of a lot today and feel like you've missed most of New Year's Day, you may feel a little groggy upon waking. And so I present one of my new favorite recipes, fresh from my own brain. It is delicious, filling, and requires just enough steps to sort of wake you up and ease you into conscious activity without being life threatening. I think.
Also good, probably, if you've got a hangover! So here's the World's Greatest Fried Egg Sandwich:

1) Decide you want eggs.
2) Open the fridge to see that there is only one egg, and opt for a Fried Egg Sandwich. But it will be so delicious you will not miss that other egg, if you normally eat two for a serving.
3) Melt some Delicious Bacon Fat in Baby Skillet. While you are doing this, warm the egg up by letting it take a bath in a bowl of warm water.
4) Check to see what kind of bread you have. Hmm, that last kaiser roll is looking dry, better use that up.
5) If the kaiser roll is incredibly dry and would stick to your mouth like cotton balls, slice it in half and put it in the toaster. TOAST THAT THING.
6) Crack the egg into the skillet, get a piece of shell in the skillet, grumble to yourself in disgust and fish it out with one of the larger bits of eggshell.
7) Cover skillet with a well-fitting lid!
8) If the kaiser roll is toasted, get it out of the toaster and only burn your fingers a little bit, and then slather both sides with miracle whip (or, if you're a better foodie than I am, your own homemade mayonnaise). Slather it. I'm not kidding.
9) Get some baby spinach out of the crisper drawer. Ooh, that's not going to be good for much longer.
10) Check the egg, and if the whites are all set nicely, flip it over. My egg today was rather old, so I did not have it as runny as I normally like. This was over hard. like Dale Cooper hard.
11) When the egg is done, put it on the bottom portion of the roll. put the skillet back on the burner.
12) Toss the spinach into the skillet with the delicious bacon fat, turn it over a few times with your spatula to make sure it's got a good coating of fat, and cover it for about a minute. While this is happening, slice some fresh mozzarella that is not so fresh anymore and has gotten a little too tangy for Girlfriend's taste but you still think it's delicious, dammit, and slap those pieces on top of the egg.
13) Check the spinach, stir it around a bit, flip it, sprinkle some salt on it, and cover it back up.
14) Do some dishes while you wait another minute. Or get some juice.
15) Turn the heat off, uncover the spinach, give it one last stir just to check that all the leaves are gorgeous and shiny dark green and wilted but not SO mushy that they're falling apart. They should be just nice and clumpy. No falling apart spinach. If it looks absolutely wonderful (which it will), spatula it onto the cheese-covered egg, and top with the other half of the kaiser roll.
16) Eat sandwich, exclaiming loudly and passionately how awesome it is, to anyone who is around. Even if you're alone in the house.

Don't you feel better now? I know I do. and I am ready to face the day! Er...afternoon. or evening. whatever. I have more knitting to do.

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